• How to Choose the Proper Masks for COVID 19?

    Wearing the proper the face mask is a very effective method to protect us during the serious COVID-19 epidemic. But we can find so many kinds of masks(GB 19083-2010, GB 2626-2006, YY 0469, YY/T 0969) in the market, which one is truly effective and which type of face masks can really protective us?Table of Content1. Protective efficiency2. How face masks protect us?3. What kind of face masks to choose?4. Difference between the different mask types…

    2020-04-20 493

  • N95 VS KN95 Face Mask: How to Choose?

    With the global outbreak of COVID-19, surgical masks and respirators and other epidemic prevention equipment are in short supply. As we all know, the N95 mask is the most recommended model among COVID-19 's protective masks. So what's the difference between N95 and KN95? Can KN95 be used instead of N95? What is the difference between different models of N95 masks such as N95 1860, N95 9210 and N95 8210? in this post, we’ll give you a det…

    2020-04-20 626